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Full text Green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles

Green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles using Acinetobacter sp SW30 optimization characterization and its anticancer activity in breast cancer cells Sweety A Wadhwani 1 Mahadeo Gorain 2 Pinaki Banerjee 2 Utkarsha U Shedbalkar 3 Richa Singh 1 Gopal C Kundu 2 Balu A Chopade1 4 1Department of Microbiology Savitribai Phule Pune University 2Laboratory of Tumor Biology Angiogenesis and

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Selenium Removal from Refinery Wastewater UOP LLC

Selenium Removal from Refinery Wastewater Using Immobilized Cell Bioreactor Technology XCeedTM Bioreactor Fixed film bioreactor incorporating layered packing Combines high concentration of active biomass with good mass transfer characteristics Drives removal of selenium to low concentrations Promotes high rates of organic

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Hazardous concentrations of selenium in soil and

The highest selenite concentration of 10 9 mg L −1 was observed in the top soil slurry from Jainpur 1 Fig 4a Download Download full size image Fig 4 Selenate reduction to selenite by indigenous bacteria in soil slurries from Jainpur 1 a Simbli b Barwa c and Hisar d

An optical sensor for selenite determination in aqueous

RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access An optical sensor for selenite determination in aqueous samples Preeti Sunil Kulkarni1 Priyanka V Ramekar2 and Sunil D Kulkarni3 Abstract Background In the present work an optical sensor has been developed for the determination of selenium IV in

Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium Nanoparticles

 · In the light of promising potency of selenium nanoparticles in biomedical applications this is the first study to report the synergistic antibacterial activity of these nanoparticles and lysozyme

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The common mineral selenite is not a selenium mineral and contains no selenite ion but is rather a type of gypsum calcium sulfate hydrate named like selenium for the moon well before the discovery of selenium Selenium is most commonly found as an impurity replacing a small part of the sulfur in sulfide ores of many metals

Determination of Selenium Concentration of Rice in China

A method of hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry was applied to the determination of the selenium concentration of regular polished rice in China and selenium enriched polished rice obtained by foliar application of selenium enriched fertilizer in the forms of selenite and selenate The average selenium content of regular rice was 0 025 ± 0 011 μg g 1

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Comparative analysis of cardiovascular effects of selenium

The SeNPs treated embryos exhibited concentration dependent increased in mortality pericardial edema and cardiac arrhythmia In contrast sodium selenite showed no significant malformation effect in developing zebrafish embryos The results of the present study conclude that the SeNPs were more toxic than sodium selenite


Threshold Limit Values for Sodium Selenite Time Weighted Average TWA 0 2 mg m 3 Exposure Standards TWA is the time Weighted average airborne concentration over an eight hour working day for a five day working week over an entire working life According to current knowledge this concentration should neither

An optical sensor for selenite determination in aqueous

In the present work an optical sensor has been developed for the determination of selenium IV in aqueous samples The optical sensor is a cellulose triacetate plasticized membrane with tri octyl methyl ammonium chloride Al 336 immobilized in it as an ion exchanger The sensor works in two steps In the first step a 1 × 2 cm piece of the membrane is allowed to equilibrate with a known

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Corrosion Inhibition of AZ31 Mg Alloy by Aqueous Selenite

Formation of a Se 0 film consisting of both amorphous and crystalline Se 0 was observed after exposure to solutions independent of the selenite concentration In the case of the highest

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Sodium monofluorophosphate commonly abbreviated MFP is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na 2 PO 3 F Typical for a salt MFP is odourless colourless and water soluble This salt is an ingredient in some toothpastes

Selenium nanoparticles loaded chitosan citrate complex and

 · Selenium Se is an indispensable trace element required for animals and humans and extra Se supplement is necessary especially for those having Se deficiency Recently selenium nanoparticles SeNPs as a special form of Se supplement have attracted worldwide attention due to their distinguished properties and excellent bioactivities In this present study an eco friendly and

Sodium Selenite Induced Apoptosis in Murine B Lymphoma

Similarly 3–5 μM selenite was the lowest concentration to inhibit cell growth in most cases Ip et al 2000 G 2 M arrest was documented following sodium selenite treatment in asynchronously dividing mouse mammary epithelial cells Sinha et al 1996 and

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Final effluent Se concentration economically achievable using MBBR is highly dependent on the influent Se concentration FGD effluents have complex variable matrices –adaptation of the biomass does take time however biological treatment using MBBR is a viable treatment solution –potential for combining with SeleniumZero

Impediment of selenite induced cataract in rats by

Impediment of selenite induced cataract in rats by combinatorial drug laden liposomal preparation prepared by thin film evaporation active extrusion method The characterization of liposomes ial liposomes at concentration of 7 mg in simulated tear fluid 150 ml The release investigation began by

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Adsorption of Selenite by Goethite Advances in Chemistry

Specific adsorption of selenite on goethite increases the pH of the suspension and the negative charge on the oxide surface Isotherms at constant pH are represented by Γ Γo pH · KL Se 1 KL Se where Γ selenite adsorbed Γo pH maximum adsorption Se equilibrium solution concentration of selenite and KL is a constant

The Combination of α Tocopheryl Succinate and Sodium

α Tocopheryl succinate α TOS a mitochondria targeting agent induces apoptosis in malignant cells in vitro and in vivo Selenite is a nutritional supplement that has been shown to stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells This study was designed to investigate the cytotoxic effect of combined treatment of α TOS and sodium selenite SSe in vitro and in vivo and to explore their effect on

Selenium Removal from Refinery Wastewater

Selenium Removal from Refinery Wastewater Using Immobilized Cell Bioreactor Technology XCeedTM Bioreactor Fixed film bioreactor incorporating layered packing Combines high concentration of active biomass with good mass transfer characteristics Drives removal of selenium to low concentrations Promotes high rates of organic

Soil Science Society of America Journal Abstract

Soil Science Society of America Journal Abstract DIVISION S 2 SOIL CHEMISTRY Selenate and Selenite Sorption on Iron Oxides An Infrared and Electrophoretic Study Sorption behavior of selenium and antimony in soils as a function of phosphate ion concentration Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Nanoparticles Selenium Metal Production of Nanoparticle

 · A wide range of selenite concentration starting from 0 01 0 05 0 15 0 25 0 050 0 75 and 1 mM were used Biogenic Se nanoparticles fabricated from protein produced by colihave been compared with those synthesized from chemical reaction via redox mechanism

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A selenite concentration on the material of 0 7 mmol g –1 was achieved at pH 10 Under neutral conditions ca 93 of the selenium present is HSeO 3 – with the rest being in the form of SeO 3 2– ca 7 Thus a significant decrease of the selectivity is observed at pH 7 as reflected in the shift to higher equilibrium liquid

Microwave Assisted Green Synthesis and Antioxidant

 · So when the concentration of sodium selenite is low the active compounds present in CBSE could help to decrease the attractive forces between the SeNPs produced resulting in greater stability in solution 26 27 A significant interaction p 0 001 between reaction time and sodium selenite amount on Z potential was observed Figure 1

Corrosion Inhibition of Mg Alloy AZ31 By Selenite SeO32

The study of Mg corrosion inhibition by selenium selenite is very limited The first relevant work was done by Guy and Whitby in the 1930s 1 That work used an acidic selenite based coating bath to convert Mg alloy surfaces for increased corrosion resistance It was found that the selenite can react on Mg alloys surfaces to form a protective film

Microbiological selenate to selenite conversion for

 · Probably a low electron donor concentration and biomass in our T 30°C experiments stopped the biomass to reduce selenite further towards elemental selenium because 1 less electrons were available from the electron donor 2 the conversion rate of selenite to elemental selenium was lower than for selenate to selenite conversion a low biomass

Kinetics and mechanism of selenate and selenite removal in

The kinetics of selenite and selenate sorption at the GR–water interface was described through a pseudo second order model X ray absorption spectroscopy data enabled to elucidate the concentration profiles of Se and Fe species in the solid phase and allowed to distinguish two removal mechanisms namely adsorption and reduction

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Selenium is a chemical element with the symbol Se and atomic number 34 It is a nonmetal more rarely considered a metalloid with properties that are intermediate between the elements above and below in the periodic table sulfur and tellurium and also has similarities to arsenic It rarely occurs in its elemental state or as pure ore compounds in the Earth s crust

Bioconcentration Mechanism of Selenium by a

 · Abstract We investigated the uptake and bioconcentration of the essential element selenium by a coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi using 75 Se selenite The time course of 75 Se uptake showed a biphasic pattern namely a primary phase and a subsequent secondary phase The primary and secondary phases are due to a rapid selenite uptake process that attained a stationary